Monday, July 31, 2006


Hi everyone~
Just wanted to drop in quickly to say "HI"...I am BUSY!! today and into the forseable future, lol.

I am excited to get to the gym today--here is what I think I will do--
about an hour total of cardio
something like this20 min warm up
20 min run of intervals
20 min on the stairmill
and then have a gatoraid and do BACK,Shoulders and Bi's

I am so tempted to do legs a day early today...but I need to get in a good day of cardio today and if I do legs that won't I'll wait until tomorrow

My son Gunner is going to a wrestling clinic starting tomorrow for 3 days in the AM so that will force me to get going and to the gym much earlier than today--it is 1:30 and I fell like it is 9am

Other things on tap--
School starts on MONDAY so I have to do some shopping...
I hope to have my bodpod bodyfat done tomorrow am
and I am hoping to order some more BuffMother shirts this week--so any final suggestions let me know!

keep up the passion!!