Friday, July 14, 2006

The push up tally is in!

Okay~ Despite terrible preworkout eating, not that I ate bad food, just not enough and no carbs!...I still made it to the gym I was desparate...the kids are tired from a full week of VBS--can you say crabby! And tonight Gunners little buddy who moved away is in town and spending the night- eek! so 5 kids to care for??? what was I thinking???

So I got to the gym warmed up...did some boxing footwork circles around the aeorobics room and then pumped out 43! push ups in a row. So that's my starting max and that was the bulk of my chest workout. I couldn't hardly bench 95# after that!

So here is the rest of what I did
more boxing circles- both directions 3 times in a rowx3sets
20 push ups

Bench 95x7x3
20 push ups
boxing footwork straight forward and backwards 2x's each footx2sets
17 push ups
1 min jump rope
40 seconds jump rope

chest press machine

assisted 30#x10x3

more circles
some oblique work
some knee ups
goofed around kicking and kneeing imaginary friends in the mirror, etc...

Tricep extension machine

Then goofed around a bit more...then came home

now I gotta clean up--
Love ya,