Thursday, July 27, 2006

Scales are STUPID!!

Okay--You've heard it before and you will surly hear it again- SCALES ARE STUPID!!

As you may know I have been "buffing" now officially for a full week, my starting weight was 128-129, I thought I had made progress --on Sunday I was 127--but apparently I was dehydrated(which make sense since I had half a HUGE bottle of wine on SAT night--bad girl)--because I've weighed 128-129 all week! Also I need to mention that I am on NOXCG3 and that is the culprit for the loss of loss on the scale.
Typically I do not take anything that makes me retain water (like creatine and even l-glutamine) while on a "buffing" phase- BECAUSE I can't get over the mental barrier of not seeing a huge difference in my body when I put in so much extra effort.

Now last night I ran, did sprints and didn't eat before bed and I still woke up at 128.8 pounds! I am kinda frustrated by that since I had a goal of getting to 126 by tomorrow--BTW that will not happen, lol!!

BUT- I am making progress here is why:
I am getting leaner- my six pack is almost in full view
My booty is getting slightly smaller
My shoulders are now "popping"

I still have one more week of "buffing" so I will stay the course- keep taking my NOXCG3 and see what happens...If I stay be it--BUT I will be leaner- BY GEORGE!!

Here is my workout from today-
warm up r-bike 10 min--felt horrible!
Then Cybex lat pulls
130x10 felt horrible

Assisted pull ups
wide 40#x4 felt I needed to fix this problem--Here is what I did
Drank a protein shake and went tanning :smile:
Then started again- Much better this time around--FOOD works wonders :wow:
Cybex lat pulls
paired with bicep curl machine

Lat pulls wide
paired with weighted broomstick rotations- for the obliques(my back is finally what I would consider"healthy" for the first time since forever!--which means since I was 17 I've had very bad lower back issues--which got much worse by bearing childeren--post Gunner I was "laid up" a lot --the last time I was "laid up" was a year ago now--the key has been regaining my lower lumbar curve with exercises like CATS and deadlifts--So until about 2 months ago "rotation type exercises" were a NO, NO for me and my tricky back--now I am working to regain healthy core rotation--It is going GREAT)
25 reps each sidex3sets

Seated rows
full extension
90x12 fast, explosive movement

lower back extensions

Isolateral behind the neck hammer pulls

Standing free bar shoulder press (behind neck)

laterals one arm at a time
arms together
upright rows with dumbells

knee ups and pikes on bench straight forward
40reps about

r-bike 7 min
20 min of intervals(some forward and some backward) and silly movements :smile:

that's all!! LOL!