Monday, November 13, 2006

I am thankful for my son--GUNNER!!

I am thankful for my son Gunner --

I am so thankful for him...He was not a planned baby, but that was OKAY, because if I didn't have kids by accident, I wouldn't have any, lol.

When I got preggers with him I was only 23 and lived in Dallas, TX...I was working as a New Home Sales Consultant for US HOME boss was really cool, but HARDCORE...she was the first really successful business woman I ever knew and opened up a whole new side of me.

Gunner was born in July of 99 in Carrollton, TX and 6 weeks later we moved to MN, eeeek! then a few months later we moved to ND and then we moved to AR when he was about 18 months, he moved a lot when he was a baby!

Gunner is really cool, very mature and a very good athlete--He loves the UFC, football and playing with his friends. He is also left handed. I force fed the child to eat until he was about 4, because I wanted a BIG BOY!! He is big for his age (height wise) and I hope will continue in that.

I love him to pieces and am so thankful for the perfect little boy God gave me!

ON to my workout for today--I tried to run 400's today, but we had a slight problem:

I tried to run at the track...before gymnastics--we just ran out of time...after gymnastics, I thought was gonna work, but I was so sore that the thought of running hard scared me...and I figured I need to wait at least another day to do 400's...AND, My dearest little Layla sealed the coffin on that decision by pooping in her pants!!!! What a mess in a unitard for gymnastics---luckily I had about 4 wet wipes left in the van and pants for her to wear home. I got in my workout in at home--nothing much, but 30 min of steady cardio on the u-bike at gym today--I'll hit it tomorrow.

Off to feed the HUBBY~