Wednesday, November 08, 2006

First Real workout of the week ---10 100's

First off I am thankful for my GOD!! This month as I have been saying that I am thankful, I am really saying, I am thankful to Jesus Christ for EVERYTHING. I am a Christian and believe that Jesus Christ gave his life as a sacrifice for my sins so that I can go to HEAVEN. I am so thankful for that!!
If you are interested here is a link to My Christian Testimony

Now on to my workout.....Today is WEDNESDAY and I finally had my First Real workout this week!

It was at the TRACK 10 fast hard 100m dashes and I am feelin' it already.

I brought all 4 of my kiddos with me. They were so good!! It was BEAUTIFUL outside and I really enjoyed the whole event!

Now you may be asking yourself WHY was this your first real workout??? Basically PMS! and a tish of some sort of flu...well I was exhausted on I took it off, which was fine and sorta planned, Monday...I felt horrible still I went to the gym and did an ity-bity chest tri workout 20 min version including warm up, lol--and then hit the tanning bed. Tuesday--NOTHING...stayed home all day!
So now I am planning to have a good rest of the week.

Love ya,