Saturday, December 16, 2006

9 days to go 'till I find out if I've been GOOD, lol!

Well I am up early today for some weird reason. I am not a morning person, but my daughter woke me up at 6:30 and I couldn't fall back to sleep--which is so NOT like me! I wish every morning I had this much energy and spunk to get the day started~~ :woohoo:

Alrighty- I am here to write down my POA for today!
I have so much to get done, so I need to figure out what is the most important things to choose to do and what is feasible with 4 kids in tow~ Travis is still in I am on my own today.

Here is the list:
Send out a BuffMother Shirt order
Box up and Mail Secret Santa gift
fold Christmas letter
Stuff Christmas Cards
Stamp Christmas Cards
LIck Christmas Cards--oh icky!, I'll get the kids to do this, hee, hee
Clean Gunner's room an closet
Clean out van and detail the inside
Get outside and enjoy the weather
Get my workout done-back, bi's, shoulders, intervals, tan
Shave my legs--this is 2 weeks over due
Put on some self tanner so I am HOT for DH when he gets back from seeing all the hotties in LA, lol
Clean my house--this could seriously take me the entire day, but I need to just do enough so that on MONDAY when my little neighbor girl helper comes over, I have set JOBS for her.
Do Laundry~ ack! I have not done a load since mon or tues--what a mess!
Go Shopping for Grocieries and Christmas presents

Okay, that didn't help one bit! Now I really don't know what to do?

Well the kids just got up~ so I am off to figure this out!

Have a super dooper productive day~

My workout today:
I got to the gym later than I wanted and only had an hour to workout--since I've been a slacker about running I decided to do it first today!

SO I ran intervals on the treddy for 20 mins, all done at a 2% incline:
warm up for 4 mins then 1 min hard at 10mph/1 min easy at 8mph and one of my hard intervals I went for 2 mins :)
Then my lifting was short and sweet:

One set inverted pull ups to warm up
2 sets pull ups 10, 5+5 with 20#assit
paried with 2 sets standing military 45x10, 65x10

2 sets bicep curls 45# bar x15 reps
paired with 2 sets arnold's one are at a time 20'sx10

2 sets hammer curls 20'sx6,9 really focusing on shoulders
paired with 2 sets bent over lateral raises 15'x x10

one set shoulder rehab rotaters 10#x10

Then I was gonna tan but the beds were 100degrees and I was already hot, so I skipped it.

Now I am working on my list~ off to shave!!