Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sissy's Rock!

Yep you heard it right- Sissys ROCK!! I have a little sister named Jeanette and she just understands me, lol--that is so cool! I spent an hour on the phone with her today. We talked about everything and are planning a trip together to go ride ROLLER COASTERS!!

AND I also have hundreds of BuffMother Sissys that just UNDERSTAND me too!! I am so lucky~

Today was TRACK day--I only had a half an hour and had to share the track with a boys PE class...but It was still GREAT!

800m warm up
some drills and stretching
400-65 seconds
about 5 min recovery of walk/jog
400m- 66 seconds-- i had a ton of lactic acid after this one
about 10 min recovery
200m-30 seconds
about 3 min recovery
200m- 31 seconds

Then got the girls from pre school and had a cool down manually washing my van, lol!

Hope your workout rocked too!!