Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Are You Committed?

Are you committed? Do you think others see you as a committed person? LOVE is a commitment and to show loves takes commitment. I believe I am a committed person. I am committed to my husband, my family, my promises, my goals, my mission, my dreams, etc.... Being committed keeps me going when I want to quit. Or when I have feelings of fear or failure. I have those feelings all the time...
For instance today, I didn't want to keep a workout date with my friend/photographer Emily...I tried to rationalize my way out of it. Tried to see if the weather would allow me an excuse. I even gave her 3 or 4 chances to back out on me, lol! But, I held strong and stayed COMMITTED to my promise to go workout with her today. And you know what IT was WONDERFUL!! We both had fun, WE both needed it and We both made some great business contacts in the process. Because of my commitment I showed Emily that I LOVE her and realized showing love to others often makes us feel loved in return.

So today for my workout...I visited a gym named FUEL in the neighboring town of Springdale. I got to see an old friend of mine Paige White who used to work at my regular gym. I also got to meet the manager and a couple other really nice staff members. FUEL is a REALLY cool gym! It has all the bells and whistles so to speak~ including really cool lighting, cardio equipment and of course WEIGHTS!!

Anyhow~ Emily and I basically "tested" the equipment and she will be visiting there often over the next month with her free month pass. I bet she'll join the gym too!

In addition to my "weird" and probably ineffective 2 hour gym time, I did 11 mins of intervals (5 hard mins) on my u-bike followed by pull ups, sit ups , CATS and stretching. It was a good little NIGHT CAP of a workout.

Everyone here is semi-healthy so I am getting stuff done again and it feels good!! Also, my BIL is here and he assembled bunk beds for Tia and Layla and a bed for Gunner today~ And my MIL cleaned while he worked!! I am so Blessed to have "helpers"

I am committed to you!
Good night~