Saturday, April 26, 2008

I choose ME!

Today~I choose me!

Daily I am bombarded by so many choices…All around I have a list of things I want to do that is a mile long:

I want to paint the rooms in my house,
Organize my garage,
Have a garage sale,
Organize the kids rooms,
Decorate the kids rooms,
Do a craft time with the kids,
Go shopping for new clothes,
Learn how to play golf and tennis,
Take voice and dancing lessons,
Get the kids involved in AWANAS,
Give back to the community.....

But, first I have to choose me...I MUST learn to take care of MYSELF first!
So today,
I choose me over my house
I choose me over my friends
I choose me over my community
I choose me over watching television
I choose me!

By choosing me today, I will dig into my thoughts, goals, dreams, desires and GOD's plan for ME! I will then be in the correct state of mind to take daily steps closer to my dreams. Today, I choose my fitness and health; I choose to be a great mother/wife and I expect that my actions will help other women realize they too can live their dreams!!

Have a wonderful day,