Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wrapping up and fired up!!!

Well girls...we are now entering our 8th week of the BBB contest and the LAST week of the 4 weeks of RELENTLESSNESS!!!

I am determined to have MANY relentless workouts this upcoming week...IT is GO time!!
Last week was a good one again, but not as good as the previous one.
M-back, shoulders, biceps, intervals
W-off day
Th-ran outside and some sprints...chiro appt
F-chest tri workout at gym (30 min quick one)
Sa- off--drove kids around all day running errands, to games and b-day party
Su- upright bike intervals back, shoulders and abs
So in total I lifted 4 days and did 3 cardio sessions. As you can see, I started strong...but kinda fizzled out~~ that's not going to happen this week.

I started boosting on Friday~

M-lower body and steady run
T- upper body and cardio intervals on stair mill
W- sprints outside...abs hard
Th-Lower body
F-Upper body and run intervals
Su- run outside

My lifting will be focused on building muscle and keeping up with my running. I plan to add some CEE (creatine ethyl ester) pills this week to help my energy levels.
WE need to rock this next week...I AM GOING TO BE RELENTLESS--MIND over BODY!!! I will be mentally tough!

Bye for now!!