Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Did you go to THAT place?"

One of my favorite questions my DH asks me is "Did you go to THAT place?" that he means did I go to the point in my workout where I felt the pain, where I felt the burn, where I felt the desire to quit, or where I was afraid I wasn't going to make it? Did I go to "that place" where a flood of endorphins rush through my body causing me to experience a "HIGH" which is only attained from surviving an intense challenge? My husband asks me "Did I go to THAT place?" because He knows that THAT PLACE is how fantastic results are produced.

So I am asking you..."Did you go to THAT place?"

I didn't today, but I know I did yesterday and I am excited to try to get there again tomorrow....getting out of my comfort zones in fitness and life is what makes my life exciting and helps me thrive. I believe that every day we need to TRY and do something that challenges us either physically or mentally. Daily ask yourself , "Did I go to THAT place today?"

My workout from today:
Warm up r-bike 20 mins
Lat pulls
Hammer strength bicep curls
Pull ups- one set of 12
Standing BB military
BB curls
Inverted pull ups
Front raises
Wide Cable lat pulls
Knee ups on bench for abs (2 sets)

Tomorrows plan-
Run HARD-- "go to that place" and lift chest

Think about it :)