Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Am I Drooling...?"

"Excuse me...but could you tell me if I am drooling?"

I felt like I needed to ask someone that my entire workout~! I guess that's what happens when you workout with a completely numb right side of your face!! you are guessing I visited the dentist today and had a tooth prepped for a crown...Dental work for me is VERY rare and I don't remember having a numb face like this since I was in 7th grade...about 20 years ago!!!

Anyhow....I did workout but with NO fuel!
I haven't eaten anything all day actually and it's almost 3pm~
So....I kinda wimped out:

Bench 45x20

Push ups
20, 10

Hanging knee ups

Pull ups

Tricep extensions

Knee ups on bench

then I ran for 10 mins--almost died--my sports bras were too tight!
then I did the stairmill with super booty focus for 10 mins

that's it...

Now I have to shower quick, try to drink a protein shake and pick up my kids from their last day of school!!!
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