Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday turn-around...

Well.... today is a turn-around of sorts for my week. Up until last night our whole family was sleep deprived and yesterday I thought I was going to become a narcoleptic. I was so I took it as sign that I needed to SLEEP instead. So we all went to bed early and today has been a mucho better day. I really, REALLY value my sleep! I KNOW that it is key for me to be my best mentally and physically. Without enough I turn into a crabby MOMMA....not only do I value my sleep but my kids' sleep. I've always been very staunch about them getting to be on time and when they were little having their naps. I really believe that if our world would get better sleep EVERYONE would be more healthy and productive. A key practice that ensures my sleep being "good" is to keep my afternoon caffeine intake very limited, to "settle down" a couple hours prior to bed and to get my workouts done.

My leg workout today looked like this:
Warm up r-bike 5 min and treddy running 10 mins
* please remember I am just starting back with squats and deadlifts after some time off of them-- I am not normally this weak, lol


Dead lifts

Leg press (single leg)

Seated calf raises

Side lunges 10 high+10 low
sissy squats 20reps
Smith lunges
70x10x2...after the second set I got a massive hip cramp which basically hindered the rest of my workout

Knee extensions
130x10x3+100x10burn out set immediately after

Leg curls

That was all...afterwards I went tanning and talked to Lori G... fun to hear her voice and chat with her finally!! then a bit later after the kids got home from school we went to wal-mart to mainly get TP and look at what they had for bedspreads and curtains. They had nothing I wanted for my room....AND I forgot the TP!! 5 women go through a ton of TP ;)

I am off to try and get some more cleaning/work done.
Have a terrific Thurs night!!