Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hair Done DAY!!
I finally got my hair done today~ it had been 8+ weeks...and it really needed it :) Now I feel like my head is 10 pounds lighter-- I'm an AIR HEAD again. ;)

So...I've been workin' hard!! I am fired up about these last 2 weeks of the contest and really lovin' the "no excuses" attitude effect on my workouts~ I've been getting it done on AUTO PILOT...that works best for me-- not to think, just do!
Anyhow...yesterday I did LEGS~
and today was back, bi, sh and running outside:
Warm up while talking to SUPERSTAR Deb Gray~ poor girl had to listen to me huff and puff the whole time, lol!
35min on r-bike

assisted pull ups 20# assist x 10 reps
pull ups
8, 4.5

Seated rows
*i could feel the low glucose here, so I got a power aid and drank half of it

Cybex lat pulls

Standing military
paired with
BB Bicep curls

Cable bicep curls

Seated military
30's x10

Arnold's- one arm at a time

DB lat row- been quite awhile since I've done these so really focused on form

ran outside- dog scared the crap out of me! total run of 16 mins- it was misting the entire time, very neat!

I am off to cook some steak and watch some HOODWINKED and later some Olympics
Have a great WED night!!!