Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It is SOOOO worth it!

Hey Ya'll...Just thought I'd report in really quick. Life is so GREAT!! God is so good~ I just wanted to share with all of you that DREAMS do come true and Miracles do happen! Keep shooting for your dreams and go after your passions; it's fun and exciting to see DREAMS become a reality. EVERY day in my life I get the goosebumps when I stop and reflect on how I am living a DREAM and on how many wonderful friends I've made along the way-- God has blessed me so much. Even though it takes hard work and sacrifice to reach your goals, it is 150% worth it! TRUST me! IT is SOOOO worth it!

I am feeling GREAT! c-4 here and my fog is gone, my focus, energy, confidence and motivation are HIGH! Yesterday, I had a good workout...AND I RAN!!! I probably ran for a total of 7 mins (2 mins at a time) and my knee felt good and was just a bit sore last night. SO...I'll do it again tomorrow.In total yesterday I did 45mins of cardio....and some odd and ends of lifting:

lat pulls


push ups

standing calf raises

abs on ball

Today, I am heading to the gym to do legs and then get a massage.
FUN stuff!!!Gotta go~ I've got a blessed life to live!
Your friend,Michelle