Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weekly Q! Week 2 - 2009

Question of the week #2 for 2009-
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?15years? 30?
I was thinking back today and talking to my DH about how our life has changed in ways we never imagined 5 years ago…that got me to thinking: Where will we be in 5 years? And what about 15 years or 30?
5 years from now~ I see myself living in a NICE home, with lots of acreage. I’ll have kids that are close to puberty or going through it—YIKES! I expect that we’ll be traveling a lot having a couple family trips a year. I’ll also be sure to book trips with just me and my DH. As for business, I KNOW I’ll still be involved with my dear friends in the Team BuffMother! Rally Room. Fitness wise, I’ll be nearing the age of 40 and will be on FIRE to be as sexy as ever.
15 years from now~ My Dh and I will be empty nesters…we will have been married 30 years and still madly in love! We will be dealing with all sorts of interesting “grown children” issues…college, boyfriends and girlfriends, jobs and maybe even marriage?? It will be an interesting season! But it will be fun. By this time I see us having more than 1 home and I expect to be a GREAT golfer by then.
I hope that I will have gone on several mission trips and had many grand adventures by this point in my life.
30 years from now~ I’ll be 63 and expect that I’ll be a Grandmother…A BUFFGrandmother! Who is the coolest, most spry grandmother ever! Travis and I will be free travel and enjoy our families~ and of course I expect to be still hitting the weights hard and showing the world that aging is not a factor I am willing to accept! By this time the technology availibe in supplementation and nutrition will allow me to look and feel at least 20 years younger that I am!
The future is bright…where do you see yourself going??
Let’s rock it!