Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am feeling quite refreshed today!! I had a good flight to LA...thought a lot about my resolutions for 2009 and last night I focused on recharging:
I ate a great meal-a Cesar salad, hibachi steak with mashed potatoes at the Cheese Cake factory and I even ordered cheesecake for dessert to go~ the 1st time I've ever had cheese cake from there....crazy since I've eaten there 10+ times. It was good....Once I was back at the hotel I just layed in bed, watched tv, fiddled on my computer and SLEPT! I needed the rest (my legs are SORE from my last workout~ ouch!).
So today my focus is to practice hard for my DVD shoot and to enjoy some of the awesome sunshine here! It is going to be 85 today!!!
Hope you have a super productive day and be sure to take some time to REFRESH! REST is vital to our bodies health...don't deny yourself REST when you need it!
Your spry friend!