Thursday, February 26, 2009

Runnin' Out Of Titles

What's up with me....I can't seem to figure out a good title for the life of me??
My CREATIVE juices need a re-charge...thank GOD I am going on vacation in about 10 days...I think I NEED IT!
My workout today was supposed to be to lift chest, but DH wanted to wait until tomorrow~ so...We'll rock BENCH tomorrow.
Today I did go to the gym and do the following:
r-bike 7mins
2 sets of 10 of 50#
Butt Squats
Smith Lunges
then I ran intervals....a couple at 10mph with 2 mins rest between. I was on the treddy for a total of 23mins- which includes about 4 mins of walking.
I've decided running every 3rd day is best for me-- every other day is too hard on my knee
After my run I did a 3 sets of Knee Extensions really focused on my left knee and my VMO.
Then I did the stair mill for 10 mins~ after that I did 1 set of roman chair knee ups until failure.
That was plenty!
I see you tomorrow~