Monday, February 23, 2009

Ready for the BIG week ahead!

I AM rested and ready for the BIG week ahead!!!!

Over the past several months....I've had many requests for BuffMother! Bracelets....WELL~ thanks to our sweet Darcie....I'm so excited to announce that BuffMother Bracelets are now on sale**! The Bracelets would make a GREAT Mother's Day gift for yourself -- ask your kids or DH to order you one for Mother's DAY!!
You may also want to get one for a friend, workout partner, sister or maybe your own mother!!!!

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The bracelets are made with beautiful pink, black and white Swarovski crystals with silver letters proclaim that you are a BuffMother! Wearing your BuffMother bracelet helps you to remember to make the best choices that will lead you to your goals and create your legacy ~ and look good while doing it!
**We will be taking Pre-Orders for the bracelets (cost $50 +S&H) between Monday 2/23 and Wednesday 3/4. Bracelets will ship out about 3 weeks after the last day.
So HURRY and get yours ordered today :)
Feel free to e-mail Darcie with any questions~ you can reach her at

I have lots of BIG things happening this week…so I took a needed rest day yesterday~ and I feel ready to attack the week ahead, here's my recap of last weeks workouts and my POA~!
Last week: 6 lifting workouts; 5 cardios; sore booty all week!! and sore abs too!!
m-fasted run; afternoon lift back
t-lift chest
w-legs; run outside
th-mish mosh lift; intervals and cardio 42 mins
f-back, sh 14 min stair master
sa-chest, run
su- off

This week's POA (plan of ATTACK):
BOOTY focus~ start boosting today~LIFT HEAVY!! I think I'll strive to get down to 2-3 rep range on some of my major exercises!!!

Mon- Legs and steady run
Tue-Back intervals
Wed- Chest- run intervals
Th- off or just cardio-- I'll see how I feel
Sat-upper body and run intervals- this will start my 7 day count down to vactaion!! Mojo will be HIGH~ I'll be adding more cardio from this point on...
Sun- off

I gotta go now and ATTACK IT~!!!! I want you to be PROUD of me!