Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where has the week gone?!?!

HOLY COW! This week has been flying by!!
Crazy how life gets so much more insane with all 4 kids home on intersession....they are HIGH-MAINTENANCE, but FUN two of them had follow up eye doctor appts, after that we ate, then I brought all of them to Wal-mart to spend Grandparent Christmas and B-day money $$$$$$$$$~...that was crazy! I also got my oil changed and bought groceries while there, then we went to the gym. I did a good 25 mins of cardio warm up and some auxillary lifts while waiting for my DH to meet me there.
Here is my workout:
Warm up 21 mins on r-bike
bicep machine
lower back extension machine for butt
Lateral raises
upright rows
Front raises
Warm up again w/DH 5 mins
lat pulls
seated rows
High lat pulls-hammer strength machine
Shoulder press
Bicep curls- again
hanging sit ups
15 + 10 with hands on hams x 2sets
knee ups on bench
3 sets
Dinner tonight was spaghetti some strawberries and a bit of cake-- I then threw away the remainder of the cake...I can't have stuff like that in my house or else I EAT it.
I am tired from today's activities and looking forward to a SLOWER paced day tomorrow!!!

Well the party went GREAT yesterday for the twin's b-day...we had a good time at "Fast Lanes". We bowled, ate pizza, the kids drove go carts and then played in the arcade. We were there for about 3.5 hours!! then when we got home had cake and opened presents.
Anyhow...I had a once in a lifetime 5 strikes in a row!!! – to start off my game of bowling. I was in shock after the first, but then with each strike I grew more and more amazed!! It was really fun to hit those 5 strikes. I hardly bowl...this is the 3rd time in the past 2 years and before that I hadn't bowled in about 10 years. Maybe I should become a bowler, lol!! I kinda choked a bit the rest of the game, but did get 1 more strike for a total of 6~ which has to be a record for me for SURE!!
The kids were quite improved in their bowling skills also...we went a couple months ago for Gracie's birthday~ It's so amazing how quickly Kids improve at things!
So the buffing is better because I am not having pizza or cake today~ LOL! It's strictville for me from here on out, until the trip! Then I am going to ENJOY!! I am really getting excited!! I talked with my sister about her cruise and she gave me some GREAT tips!!
My workout yesterday was supposed to be learning to swim, but the instructor had an emergency and couldn't meet. I was disappointed but not sad because I was DREADING it so BAD! I seriously don't know if I'll reschedule. I may just take the kids to the pool a time or two this week and decide from there about my swimming future.
I did legs instead and it was a good one. I set 2 new goals yesterday to be 123 by Feb 23rd and to squat 185x4 reps by Mar 3rd.
those goals helped me get through my sweaty workout today.
warm up 14 mins on r-bike-- I am sore and stiff from my run knee is good but a bit tight, so I warmed up extra long
Dead lifts
135x10x3 sets
25'sx10x3 sets
Leg curls
Leg extensions
Knee ups on roman chair 3 sets to boredom
Full extension sit ups on hyperextension machine
2x15 reps
lower back extension machine focus on butt
Walking lunges
55#BB on backx30steps x2 sets
then a short walk outside around the block, about 1/2 mile
It was a good day today!!