Monday, February 09, 2009

Yeah that's right ~ I'm gonna be buff!!

How do you like my truth hammer for today: "YEAH that's right..I'm gonna be BUFF!!!"
Buffing Begins today c-day 5
And so far all is well in the diet category:
coffee with cream and sugar (I may need to cut this sugar and cream out, but I'll wait until next week, lol)
brussel sprouts
a carrot
3 scambeled eggs
Getting in all of my planned workout today will be tough due to the B-day celebration. BUT I already got in a GREAT run! I warmed up 5 mins on the elliptical and then ran on the treddy for a total of 22 mins (i also walked for 2 mins) the total of 24 mins I went 2.95 mi.
About half of my intervals were at 9mph with recovery at 7, the other half were at 8 and 6. I also did 1 at 10mph.
I stretched a bit afterward~I felt GREAT! and my knee was good!
Have a Killer day!!
YEAH that's right..YOU are gonna be BUFF!!!