Monday, March 09, 2009

On Vacation!

HI!! I am saying goodbye today~ I am not sure how much I'll be posting on my trip?? I know it won't be as much as usual...I'll miss ya, but I need the break!
We'll be cruising for 7 days--then...we'll be back to life/business. It's the longest we've been away EVER!! and the first "real" vacation Travis and I have ever, ever had!!! WE are so excited!!
On the homefront Gracie came home sick again yesterday and a DR. visit revealed she had STREP. This is the first time anyone in our family has ever had it, poor little dear. She is home again today so...that makes life a little more interesting around here :wink;
Anyhow, I am finishing "tieing up" loose ends today, packing, shopping, etc....
Yesterday I didn't workout, but I did get adjusted at the!! I was WAY out of line~ glad I went!! So... today I am lifting CHEST and going to run. It is very nice outside--Maybe I should run outside??
Well....I am off-- Good bye!! I love ya and I'll miss ya!! Kick some tail for me while I am gone!!!