Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snowy Saturday

UNREAL it's snowing today!! It is very, very weird for this time of year for us to see anything white coming out of the sky!
Week #1 of my 10 weeks has been a decent one...BUT I still have my mini-challenge to do! I am NOT motivated to take pics or measurements right now at all~ BUT I will do it...because I know I need to SEE the truth! my back was a bugger yesterday during my attempt to do some sort of leg workout, so it ended up being a VERY modified workout:
Warm up r-bike: 10 mins
laying side leg raises
20 reps x 3 sets with stretching between sets
Seated leg press- one leg at a time
45x10x2sets +2 sets of calves
55x10 + 1 set of calves
Seated calves
knee extensions
leg curls
rotary calves
170x10x 2
tried walking lunges-- not good
25mins r-bike
hammer curls + bicep curls
25'sx10 +10 x2 sets
At least it was something and my back continually gets better...I am hoping that by mid next week I'll be able to get in an even better leg workout.
We are heading out in the snow in just a bit to lift upper body....but first I have to cut Gunner's hair. His MOHAWK is outta control, He looks like an little Indian, lol!
Let's strive to enjoy the joys of family this weekend!!
Love ya,