Friday, April 03, 2009

Friendly Friday & Weekly Q!

HEY It's FRIENDLY FRIDAY today!! So let's get friendly by getting to know each other a bit through my "Weekly Question" series... Please participate. If you have any thoughts, a reaction, input or ANSWERS to our "question of the week" please comment.... the more involvement the better friends we become.

This week's Question:

Who's your BEST friend? Why? What do you do together?

My Answer:

My best friend is hands down my husband. No friend of mine has ever been even close to THE BEST compared to him. We are so compatable in every way! WE think alike about almost every topic -Religion, Politics, Money, Business, Family, Values, etc.... WE also LAUGH at the same stupid things. Our all time favorite movie is "Dumb and Dumber" ...we've watched that movie together at least 6 times and laugh harder each TIME!! Travis and I "DO" a lot together~ We talk a lot, work together, workout together, sleep together, watch sports together, play together, eat together... basically we do almost everything together!! I love my best friend!!

Who's your BEST friend? Why? What do you do together?

your Friend,

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