Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hello Hotties!

Hello my HOT friends!
I have been doing great on journaling in my "book" and even spending time here, but I've missed "blogging" about my workouts for the week. Here is a quick summary:
M- chest/tri and intervals-
Tue- back was a bit better than last leg workout but still had to modify the workout a lot. I am hoping that in 1 more week I'll be able to do more lifts pain free. I did do a lot of knee extensions and abs in my workout and my quads are sore!! YAY!!!
Wed- back, sh, biceps
Here are the exercises we did:
lat pulls
hammer strenghth lat rows
pull ups
seated rows
shoulder press
sh lateral flys/front raises/ upright rows
bicep machine
cable bicep curls
knee ups- some on bench and some on roman chair
AND I was bad and skipped intervals...I was planning to do them at home, but Tia threw up at school and that threw me off track--BAD GIRL!! I'll have to try to make up for them some other day this week...maybe today??
I am up in the air about today's workout, Tia is home sick so I may just do cardio here at home today and shift my lifting workout to tomorrow.
Last night was fun, we watched the UFC fight night and the premier of TUF.
I just love cage fighting.
well ladies, focus on stayin HOT today and try to get even HOTTER!! That's my plan!
Now for some COFFEE!!!