Thursday, June 04, 2009

Getting Set!

HI Ya!!!
I forgot to blog last here I am~ I am so fired up for the "Fire Crackin' Hot" Contest!! How about you?
THE "FireCrackin' Hot" for the
4th contest in our Team BuffMother Rally Room that STARTS on the
4th (this Thrursday)...It's
4 weeks of
4 workouts a week with
4 main exercises +
4 others (3 abs + 1 burn-out) per workout
Lot's of 4's~ LOL!
Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time putting together an "On Your Marks" post that gives a lot of more details about the contest. AND today I'll post a "GET SET" post~ that'll detail about the workout program I've designed for this contest. I'm going to try and be ONE day ahead of everyone on the workouts so that you have a good guide to go by on it. I love to lead by example. *Checking my blog and the forum are key to keeping in Focused for this contest~ that's the struggle many of us have is STAY ING FOCUSED!!!
My workout last night was was my first real Chest/Tri workout since I hurt my shoulder about 3 weeks ago.
Here's the run down:
warm up 10 mins r-bike- I read ELLE...actually I just looked at the pictures :pics:
1 set of push ups- 20reps
Chest press (hammer strength wide flat): 90#3x10 w/ ABS Between 3sets of knee ups on bench
Incline Flys: 30'sx10x3sets w/standing high knees (abs) between sets 3 sets of 20 per leg (one leg at a time)
Tricep push downs: 70x15, 80x10x3sets w/ abs between sets-cable crunches on knees x80#x25repsx3 sets
Tricep extension machine: 40x10x3sets w/abs between sets - roman chair knee ups 3sets of 20 reps
1 set push ups- 15 reps-- I was pooped!!
20 mins of intervals on r-bike: 4 mins warm up; 1 hard min @5; 1 easier min@4
That was it!
I also spent a bunch of time online yesterday again~ I love learning about how internet marketing works~ there are some amazing things you can do with the right tools and hard work! I've also been spending time building up my friends list on facebook, promoting my WOMEN ONLY TEAM BuffMother Group there and also my BuffMother! fan page. Please request to join me if you haven't already!
I'm gonna catch up with you all now~
xoxox~ Michelle