Sunday, June 28, 2009

Now I am getting ready to go on a date with my littlest lady, LAYLA~ we'll go to the store and maybe Cold Stone Creamery (I've never been there before!)
After I get back I'll do my upperbody workout...
Here's the photo shoot prep for the last 4 days of the FCH contest!!!

Photoshoot - 4 day prep

Sat - PREP

Sunday -Cut your carbs to only 2.
-Eat very salty foods. And if you find this to be a problem, drink a couple of cups of chicken bouillon. It is very important that you have a salt overload on this day

Monday -No carbs, protein veggies and fat only.
-Put a coat of tanner on b4 bed- Banana Boat tanner with bronzer in it is the best!

Tuesday -No Carbs
-NO Salt
-No gas causing foods
-Take a water pill(diruex) B4 bed and -no water after 8(time so you have 12-16 hours without water b4 shoot)
-Put another coat of Tanner on

Wednesday ~ Photoshoot day
-NO Workout
-Do your measurments and stats in the am
-you can have a cup of coffee
-No water or carbs until after the shoot
-Put another coat of tanner on
-Do your hair
-Over do your make up make sure you have some that will make your face a little tanner looking. What I use is a face bronzer, and 1 shade darker makeup for photoshoots. You may want to practice with this before hand.
Have fun!!
Bring music
(have a glass of wine)
Eat and drink a lot!!!

Thursday ~ Eat, drink, and if you want, begin the 4th of July PARTY!
With your FIRE Crackin’HOT Body!