Friday, June 26, 2009

TGIF~ And I really mean that!

TGIF~!! and I really mean that!
What a week it has been for me...a GREAT one for workouts, a medium one for eats and a poor one for my website, lol! I've spent 60+hours this week working on my websites and I am so glad it's the weekend! I need a BREAK from it!
Tonight we are having FAMILY MOVIE time~ we'll be watching "Princess Protection" on Disney...with my 3 princesses~ and our prince and the KING~ BergerKING, lol!
I had another day "off" of workouts today, tomorrow will be upper body and sprints!! It's been so hot outside that I MUST get my sprints done early in the morning...summer is here for sure!
I talked to my photographer today and she's just bought a house so doing a shoot next week won't work, but I did set it up for the 10th~ that'll be perfect! So, I'm going to a little extra time to get extra buff!! I'll still take my photos and do a tiny photo prep for the end of our contest next wed!!!
Okay~ so I am starving...but I'll be back tomorrow to post a bunch more about the final week of the FCH! so stay tuned!!!!
Love ya's!!