Tuesday, July 21, 2009

40 days to Fit! ~ Day 2

Hey ALL!!
Well, I've made it through the first two days of the 40 absoulutly on FIRE!! All the excitement generated by your comments; You have TOTALLY ispried me!!! I LOVE IT~ thanks!!!
That said...I've already had to make adjustments to my own workout POA...we decided to go to Branson next week and I've been really busy working the past 2 days~ so my workout have had to SHIFT a bit. I often take Mondays as my "day off" of workouts because Mondays are such crazy busy days! I need to remember to stick to that and workout on Sunday instead.
My workout yesterday ended up being a short run of about 15 mins or so...and then 10 mins of intervals on the upright bike.
Today's workout has been about the same~ a run of about 25 mins...and then 10 mins of intervals on the bike. I will do some perfect push ups here in a bit while cooking some supper for the family- I'm going to scramble up some eggs and make toast too.
Which makes me think of my mini-goal for this week~ I am striving to eat more protein!! Since my photoshoot I've been slacking on getting in my protein and I keep saying I'll start eating more- BUT that's kinda hard when I don't have any! I ran out of my current favorite protein powder, my favorite protein bars and I don't have any meat in my frig! I've gotta go to the store tomorrow first thing!
HOPE you are as fired up as me!!! Let's keep rocking these 40 days!!!
Set your goals!!
BuffMother, Michelle Bergerwww.BuffMother.com
P.S. here are a few songs that inspired me during my workout today:
Britt Nicole Set the World on Fire
Nelly Furtado -Say It Right Music Video
Colbie Caillat - Bubbly
Britney Spears - Do Something