Monday, July 20, 2009

My son is 10!

Today's been all about getting prepped for my dear little boy's 10th Birthday tomorrow~ WOW! I can't believe he's that old already! I love it but hate it at the same time. FYI~ it's cycle day 28 for me, so hormones are running wild...tears are at the surface.
I just had a little happy cry about Tom Watson doing so well in the British Open golf tournament today.I think it's an awesome story already, but it'd be soooo cool if he could win it tomorrow! I'll have to be sure to watch at least part of it.
ANYHOW~ he's got a friend spending the night tonight and another coming over for his little "party" tomorrow. It'll be really nice! I am baking a cake to decorate right now~ GUNZ wants it decorated "UFC" I'll have to turn on my lright brain a bit to get that done.
I had a good leg workout! "SQUAT" was my truth hammer today:
r-bike warm up 10 mins- chatted with a couple pastors from my church

105x10x3 sets- another recent back is doing good!

Seated calf raises
90x15x5 sets- straight, toes out, toes in, straight, straight
Dead lifts
45x10+10 conventional
65x10+10 conventional x 2 sets
worked out my jaw a bit talking to my friend and doctor -Dr. Earl
Leg curls-
70x10x3 (a bit of a sore left hammie)
Leg Extension
Smith lunges
70x10x3 sets on a step
Butt squats
70x10x3 sets
A few abs inbetween sets: knee ups on roman chair, ab wheel, knee ups on bench.
and that was it!
Hope your day was GREAT like mine!!SEE YA! SOON!!
p.s. There's been a HUGE response already for the "40 days to fit" challlenge...please join and feel free to share it with your friends! EVERYONE is welcome~ here's the link