Sunday, July 19, 2009

40 Days to Fit!

Let's do a "40 days to FIT" challenge for the last 40 days of the summer~ whatcha' think? do you wanna join me...we'll start on MONDAY!

I am putting together a series of posts and e-mails for the entire 40 days to help you stay focused and motivated. The challenge is not only open to Rally Room members but your friends also. So...if they'd like to join in on the fun just have them fill out this form:

You should fill it out also so that you get the e-mails in your inbox also!

Let's have fun and get fired up for the last 40 days of Summer...let's use them to get FIT!! 40 days to FIT!!!

“40 days to FIT” join the challenge!!!
It’s simple…sign up here and I’ll send you a daily e-mail for 40 days. FYI~ The day after you sign up is your day 1... so if you want to start on Monday, fill this out on Sunday! :)

All you need to do is follow along and stay motivated towards your personal fitness goals…and in just 40 days you can be FIT! If you would like to be honored as a graduate of the 40 days to Fit program…simply comment on each of the blog links I’ll send you daily. Doing this will keep you accountable and help you stay focused~ it’s also a fun way for me to interact with you along the way!
Please….Invite your friends to participate in the challenge! Everyone is welcome to join~ It’s going to be a FUN way to finish off the summer!! 40 days to FIT!!

ANYONE can join at any time! Just share this link:

FYI~ the challenge officially launches on Monday but you can start with your 40 days at any time!! Just fill out the form!

Your FIT friend,
Michelle Berger