Wednesday, October 14, 2009

40 Days to Go!

We have 40 Days left in this year's sponsored SuperSTAR Success Contest!! AND I am planning to make it count!! God has all kinds of special 40 days in the Bible...that makes me know it's a special timeframe. For my last 40 days I am going to sign up form my "40 days to FIT" challenge (*it'll be my 3rd time through it)!! It's going to help keep my focused and my MOJO high.

I made it back to the gym last night and pulled out a good one:
12min r-bikelat pulls-cybexlat pullspull upsshoulder pressbicep curlsknee ups- absarnold pressDB bicep curls
I also found out that a lady I helped with some posing coaching won her contest on Saturday!! YAY!! She looked amazing and can you believe she used to compete back a LONG TIME AGO and this was her first contest in 17 years. WOW!! I am very happy for her!
Today's plan is to get my new shoes on and run a bit and also do a little bit of a leg workout~
Let's make these next 40 days count!! I know I plan on making them SPECIAL!!Love,