Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another workout in the books!

Day by Day, workout by workout is how you build a beautiful sculpted body...Every workout COUNTS and don't forget that! I want to encourage you that your effort adds up and is rewarded. I was reminded of that myself tonight! Never forget that consistent effort is rewarded!!
My buffing workout went like this:
warm up r-bike 10 mins
Lat pulls 110x18 130x10 150x10x2sets
paired with knee ups on bench3 sets of 25
Shoulder Press 70x10 90x`10x2
paired with roman chair knee ups 2 sets to failure (40, 25)
Bicep curl machine 40x15 50x15
paired with Assisted pull ups (slow negatives 5-6 sec each)30# assistedx 2setsx 6-8 reps
Seated rows 100x10 110x10x2
paired with bent over lateral raises 15'sx12repsx 1 setand hanging sit ups 25reps
Standing military 45x15 65x8 55x10x2 sets
paired with bicep curls55x6x2setsand inverted pull ups3 sets various hand positions 10+ reps
T-bar rows 45x20 70x10x2 sets
paired with cable bicep curls 70x5 60x10

Running intervals on tready 18 mins total...knee felt good, right foot pinched by shoe,hmmm? I'll have to watch how tight I tie my shoe next time :)
Roman chair knee ups 40
I am a tired, sweaty mess but I feel good...much better mentally than I did before my workout~ yet another reason why EXERCISE IS MEDICINE!
Work it!! It works!!