Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Now is the time for setting Goals

Now is the time for setting goals, thinking thoughts and committing to a PLAN!!
1.Goal Setting~ ...what do I want to accomplish? Take an honest look at where you are at and make goals that are attainable, yet challenging. A good place to start is by taking pictures and stats. Once you have that truthful baseline you can asses how you are going to get to your destination. Another key item to keep in mind with goal setting is set an EVENT~ a beach party, a special reunion, a wedding, a photoshoot, a trip...that EVENT will keep you accountable to your goals when things get "tough".
My goals:
To finish out the SSS contest with flying colors by sticking to my workout plan! I expect to keep my progress going strong through thanksgiving and into December. I want my SSS2 Ending pictures to show awesome results. My goal is to keep God #1 this month; and keep the rest of my priorities in line after that- God, Travis, Kids, Family/ Friends and then ...fitness and work.
My fitness goals revolve little around my weight, but more around my health and fitness level. I've been stuggling with STRESS which leads to sickness in my body~ I feel that I am at a turning point and will overcome my problems with STRESS this month. I also want to increase my running capacity. I plan to put some MILES on my new running shoes this month! The goal is to run 3-4 times a week!

2. Thoughts~ be sure to journal or blog here about what you are thinking- some questions to ask yourself are: where you are at in your health? what you've been doing with your time the past few month? are you happy? how have you been eating?, etc...

My thoughts:
As I said I've been stressed these past few months...most of which is self imposed stress. I've been focusing on trying to STOP putting so much pressure on myself "let go and let God" is a good theme for me right now! My Time management has to be addressed...NOW IS THE TIME!! I need to spend my time wisely and allow myself proper downtimes...I need to focus hard on my TIME!

3. Commitment~ It is important that you decide to stay comitted...don't allow yourself to QUIT. Even if you miss an entire week of workouts due to a cold, you MUST NOT quit! It's never too late to start again! The only way anyone ever attains their goals in life is by NOT QUITTING! Decide here and now that you won't quit!

My Comittment:
I am committed to my fitness...it is my medicine and it is VERY important to every aspect of my happiness and success in life. Being comitted to finess is not a choice...I will nevery quit and I am comitted to this plan for the next four weeks...it's our plan from the FireCrackin' HOT program from this past June.
I love this plan because it's simple and very effective...
4 weeks of
4 workouts a week with and extra running day
4 main exercises plus...
4 other exercises(3 abs + 1 burn-out) per workout
Lot's of 4's~ LOL!