Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ahhh the Peace!

I love PEACE! It's been crazy around our house the past 4 days due to the snow and snow days. Thankfully the kids are back in school today~ Awww....the PEACE!!

Cycle day 3 was yesterday and I've come to realize that it's typically a "tired" almost "sick" feeling day for me. I think the hormone levels coupled with blood loss can make me feel pretty ICK! is better, my MOJO is rising and I have a bit of focus again! I did get a workout done yesterday at the was a good escape!

Here's the workout:

Warm up elliptical- I actually did intervals for 9 mins
25push ups
20 push ups
9x10x4 or 5 more sets
15 push ups

Incline flys
paired with
tricep push downs

Posedown bicep curls
paired with
2sets cable flys and stretching

Cardio- boxing drills in aerobics room, approx 20 mins

I am still struggling with my butt, but I've decided with the prodding of my DH, to try and just "leave it alone" for a week or so...meaning- NO STRETCHING, RUBBING, POKING, TESTING etc... I have a tendency to constantly fiddle with my injuries- which may lead to them not being allowed to "rest" and heal. So that's my new idea for the week on it :hehe:

Today's focus is Balance, so my plan is to do several balance type exercises during my leg workout. My MMA class got canceled for today, so I'll be doing a small leg workout and running at the gym instead. I plan to go this afternoon.

I also plan on catching us up with our Just Do it posts:

Day 15 Diet

Day 16 Balance

Keep workin' it and stay focused!!



p.s. today's workout:

warm up 8 mins r bike

run intevals- most off mins at 7mph on mins @8 or 9 at about 8 mins into it
i did an entire 1/2 mile at 9mph= 3:20

25mins of running total- total distance 3.1miles

Lower back extensions 2 sets
Abs on extension machine 2 sets
Leg extensions 4 sets with stretching to the side (hip/obliques) and standing quad stretch
Leg curls- these were crazy weak on my left leg (did single legs on these) really light 4 sets
Single leg press 3 sets- these felt good...I'll have to do more of these while my butt is being stupid
one set walking lunges no weight and some walking calves