Monday, March 08, 2010


Forgot to set the we woke up late!! RUSHED like mad, but made it on time, YAY!! ~VICTORY #1 for today~ now let's ATTACK and WIN again! WE are VICTORIOUS! What's a VICTORY you've had today?

My plan is to ATTACK~! the day with my truth hammer- "I am Victorious!!!!"
I have a short but powerful list of To Do's today:

1- devotion time with God
2- taxes
3- workout programs
4- workout- Back, Shoulders, ABS

Fast and HEAVY- ABS between every sets- little to no rest~ BURN BABY BURN!
Inverted pull ups- various hand position
Lat Pull downs
Lat Pull downs-one arm at a time
Shoulder press- machine
4x10, 6,6,6
Front raises/ upright rows/ bent over Raises
21's--3x7 Shoulders
Wide cable lat pull downs on knees
2x5 reps arms together+10 each side+5 each side
Just to update you from my weekend;
Saturday I had the following recurring thought as I was doing my workout, "When you need to regain your mojo, Return to your roots!'
I had to return to my roots of running on Saturday to get my workout mojo flowing...I didn't need to run far or fast or much, but my little run was just enough to get my workout momentum going again! Once I finished my little 10 min run I came in did some stretching, attacked my abs and did 115 pushups( sets of 20, 20, 25, 25, 25).

Sunday was God Day....Church was amazing! Life was good~ I took the kids to the gym and let them swim afterward. My workout was legs I did the following buffing style (little rest or active rest between sets):
warm up on a gazelle type machine by Cybex- NICE! 5 mins
Hack Squat machine
lower back extensions (booty focus)
Dead lifts
ABS- knee ups
Leg raises
leg press- plate loaded up above type machine
knee extensions
standing calf raises
Smith lunges

It was just perfect for my back and today I feel good...I still a little shooting pain and numbness in my leg, but not nearly as bad. I am getting better!! YAY!

NOW IT's Time to ATTACK!!

your friend and cheerleader,