Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Challenge = Change

Our bodies are master adapters. The more we challenge them the more they
change to accommodate those demands. The good news about this is that if
you continually challenge yourself, your body will change. The bad news is
that if you don’t continually challenge it, it will stop changing and may even

5 main ways to change for more challenging workouts:
#1-Intensity How hard are you pushing? Do you push yourself to the MAX each workout? Do you only ever “go through the motions”—social exerciser? Do you vary your intensity to get different results? Do you like to take your time? Do you like to “get it done”? #2-Frequency How often do you work out? How often do you lift each body part? How often do you do intervals? How often do you do other fitness activities? #3-Duration How long do you workout at a time? How long are your lifting sessions? How long are your intervals? How much other time do you devote to fitness activities? #4-Mode What type of activities do you do? Do you cross train? Are you training for a certain sport? What lifts do you do for each body part? #5-Rest intervals How many “rest” days do you take? How much time between each lifting set/exercise do you do? How much time between hard intervals do you “rest”? How much time do you “rest” each day? Do you purposely take time to “de-stress”?

"The path of least resistance leads to a poor reflection in the mirror."