Thursday, April 22, 2010

Domestic Diva Day

Domestic Diva Day! Do you enjoy housework? What's your mindset to get through it without turning inot a GRUMP? I really need to get a new mindset about this part of my life, lol!

anyhow I am SORE! mostly in my back and legs- So...I guess that means a chest, tri, abs workout is on tap for me today- YAY! my favorite.

I had a really, really good leg wo yesterday- I am very happy to say that I think my sciatica is really starting to get better!! I actually think leg workouts and our lunges have impacted it postivily- whoohooooo!! I am staying away from cardio due to the repetivie nature of it and the impact...maybe in a week or two I'll feel confident enough to add more of it in. Tennis the other day didn't hinder it- so that's a good sign and a fun activity to keep in my routine!

My leg workout went kinda like this:

Warm up STAIR MILL 10 mins


Dead lifts

Lunges - front alternating legs

45degree Hack squat- 35 reps various foot postion- just machine resistance

knee extensions- 4 sets

Smith Lunges

knee up on roman chair- 2 sets

leg curls-1 set froggy style, 3 sets with one leg at a time 30-35# x 6-8 reps
Calf rotation machine- 2 sets

lower back extensions 1 set- focused on glutes

Walking lunge

55#Barx30 steps

I am off to clean~ pray for me