Friday, May 07, 2010

Get a Goal!

I HIT my legs hard today....time to prep for my annual Birthday shoot!! Just 38 days away~ I'm gonna be ripped!! What's your pressing goal??

If you don't have a goal or if you are afraid to get a goal think about this....

If you don't press towards the positive, towards the light, towards the solution, towards improvement, towards a GOAL, what is the point? We all fail at times- but that doesn't mean we are failures, you only fail if you don't keep trying to succeed! Be brave get a goal!! What's other option is there??

This weekend we'll be watching the UFC PPV~ I just love MMA!! I've not been training MMA anymore or doing much "wild" stuff recently due to my back/butt/sciatic injury that's been bothering me since the end of November. I hope to get back to it "someday", it was so fun .... For now I've just been focusing on trying to stay/get healthy :)

My workout last night was short and sweet-- just 11mins or so of "stuff" at about 9pm- So my EVERY DAY IN MAY streak is still alive!!
got in my "every day in May"!! A short one: push ups, lunges, shoulder press, lateral raises, cats & stretchin'!

Today's workout was a really good leg workout-
Squated- did 6 sets- my top 2 sets were 155x6reps
Deads- did 2 sets of 20 @95#- next time I'll up the weights
Smith Lunges- 5 sets of these 3 sets @100#x10 reps- I'll up weights next time on these too!
lower back extensions- still doing these w/no weight- plan to add weight next leg day
leg extensions- had to do these a bit lighter than usual due to a BRUISE on my shin- I dropped a 25# plate on my shin last weekend- Don't do that!
Ab wheels
Knee ups

I am off for the afternoon to have lunch with the DH~ we never ened up playing tennis this week...maybe tomorrow??

Love ya!



Happy last day as a "40 something" Julie!! You are an amazing inspiration and one of very best friends!! I love you my dear BuffMother Julie!!