Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Finding my MOJO!

I am at a good point with my fitness mojo, but I'd like some MORE MOJO!! I've been struggling to get in my gym workouts with the chaos of the kids being home and my preference to "play"- I would rather play tennis or go run sprints, than workout in the gym. This morning I was all about finding some MOJO for me and my fellow TEAMMATES!! I spent a couple hours putting together a routine that will "shake up" my lifting routine. I plan to "try it out" over the next couple weeks and if I like it...I'll share it as our next "contest/challenge"!! I think I'll start on Thursday.
...then today we played 3 games of BOWLING~ I was VERY inconsistent but it was a good time overall. I took some pics- which I'll upload with some 4th of July ones later.
anyhow...right now I have to get rollin' to go do my LEG workout! I am going to get in a GOOD one!!
Push your bodies hard, go for the MOJO and have fun playing~ that's why we do this!!
It's fun to be BUFF!