Wednesday, December 22, 2010

11:11 Make a wish!

When the digital clock shows 11:11, have you ever heard the saying "11:11 Make a wish!" "Finish STRONG!"- 11 days left until 2011..."11:11 make a WISH!" Wishing, Wanting, Dreaming, Desiring, Hoping... are what inspires us to take actions towards goals.

What do you WISH for your body, your fitness, your beauty and for your overall health?

Take some time today to make a "Wish List"!

My wish list:

To have good consistent energy
To have clear supple, firm, skin
To do more modeling photoshoots (at least 6 in the next year)
To try new foods- more fish, more ethnic dishes, more exquisite fancy foods
To manitain my muscle mass
To increase my VO2 max (fitness level)
To derease my resiting heart rate
To try new fitness classes/routines
To learn and teach: I have a huge desire for educating myself and others regarding fitness, diet, motivation, sport specific training, etc...
To compete in somthing- a race, a bike ride, a sport (like football, softball or even soccer), a bench press comp., etc...
I got my photos back from the little shoot I did on the fly with Emily in California~ I didn't do a photo prep diet but they still turned out decent. Here's a little video of the photos in my HOT Pink Zebra bikini from Chynna Dolls: