Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Man! What is the deal with me?

Oh man! What is the deal with me?
I've been fighting a severe case of the lazies the past couple months....which is often the case for me come fall/winter. I have fought with the SEASONAL BLAH's since my teens. Some years are worse than others. This year has been bad! I have no gumption to do anything. But the good news is that I seem at peace with that, lol! I am totally content to do nothing- which is very odd for me! I am a Type A, super GO GETTER, an ENERGIZER BUNNY type personality who is higly confused by this TYPE B personality I've displayed recently??

Despite my lazy thoughts and attitude I have been FINISHING STRONG (including posting daily challenges to help motivate others too!!)! Wednesday, I logged a great leg workout and took yesterday off. (STILL on Track for my goal of getting in a workout AT LEAST every other day!!)

my boosting leg workout looked like this-

I felt weak due to little sleep the night before:

Squats 45x20, 95x10, 135x10, 155x6x3
Hip, quad and groin stretching between sets
Calf raises 90x15x3
Dead Lifts 95x20x4sets
Smith lunges 90x10x4 sets 2 sets on step
Leg Extensions 6 sets of 10 reps
Leg Curls- still feel weak on these in my left leg due to my sciatica
kneeups and ab wheel

Yesterday I weighed 128 on cycle day 22. Cuji weighed in at 2.2 pounds~ I was not sore from my workout, the great thing about boosting hormones!

I started taking NO2 again last week and I think it'll help with my energy!! I Know it's already working to some etentent in the SEX department! I stopped taking creatine for now...I'll stay off it for at least a month and see.

Today, once the kids get home....I plan on running outside- And then I'd like to get in a good Chest/Tricep workout after re-fueling with some food. I've been a bit hesitant to go anywhere today because each time I leave my puppy she poops in her kennel and barks in protest the entire time. If I wait to workout after the kids get home they can "watch her" while I get in a good workout.

Today's finish strong challenge is to take progress pictures, which was inspired by Marcelia- who posted her's today and has been a trooper about pushing though the blah's herself. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

"Finish STRONG!"- 15 days left until 2011... Your challenge today is to take progress pictures! Pictures are a great way to measure progress and Pictures don't lie!! I strive to take them monthly with similar poses, shoes, attire, lighting, time of day and same cycle day. A dose of reality will keep you honest and help you FINISH the year STRONG!!