Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day of Love

Last day of the Love month...and none too soon. I am so ready for March, for Spring and for more Mojo! Today we start week #6 in the Susperstar Success Contest- we are halfway done!!! Time for me to get more serious about leaning up and keep consistent with my workouts.

I am very proud to say that I have been hitting my goal of getting in at least 5 solid workouts each week. My food goals are not quite so consitently being hit. More diet focus and MORE AB focus are my goals these final 5 weeks!!

The past couple days have been good workouts:

Saturday- Legs and 1 hour of tennis- totally FUN!!
Sunday- football- lot of hitting, lots of sprinting, lots of learning

Today I am very sore in both my knees as I have bruises on both and my upper body is sore from all the blocking/tackling we did.

My tenative POA for this week:

M- Run and upper body
T- Legs
W- Run, Massage and Football Practice
Th- upper body and Hot Yoga
Friday- Legs
Saturday- run intervals
Sunday- football

I am starting my boosting phase today (cycle day 19)- this time around I won't go quite so extreme as last month. I plan to keep my weight at 130 or under. I am still taking NOXS, Creatine, Fish oil, Calcium and added in some melatonin and other sleep help supplements called HGH-the dose is 4 but I only take 1 becuase I'll be a zombie otherwise.

Okay!! I am off to get my day rollin'!! Let's have a killer "Bikini" week!!


p.s. the mini challenge for this week is to try on your bikini daily!! Let's do this~ it may be painful, but it'll give you a good dose of motivation!