Saturday, February 26, 2011

Time Management March

"Time management MARCH!" will be my theme for the upcoming month. Why you ask?? Well, I am in a tish of a funk today...I think it's a combo of colder weather, a messy house and frustration with having too much work that needs to be done (namely TAXES) that I can't seem to get it done! Time is just flying by every day with "busy-ness" and before I know it another weekend is here. I love weekends but really need more productive work days! I need to focus on my time management for March!

The past 2 days were crazy busy- GO, GO, GO!! I enjoyed yesterday so much, getting my hair lighter was so awesome! And then the girls had dance and the twin's muscical production for school. Tia and Layla were so cute!! I could tell Tia was nervous, she even mentioned that in the afternoon's production she was so nervous she got sweaty, lol!! Layla on the other hand is a PERFORMER- Holy Cow!! that girl lights up on stage like no one I've ever known!! I can't wait to see her shine on stage more in the future.

So, yesterday I was strapped for time and skipped lifting legs (which I have not done since last Saturday) and I opted to run on the tready instead. I warmed up with 15 mins on the R-bike and then hit the tready. It was a decent run, my best in awhile- but I'd way rather run outside! I went for 20 mins- 6 intervals @ 9mph, 2 @8mph- easy minutes at 6mph total distance- 2.35 average speed: 7.2mph cals burned- 300

Today I met up with Emily (my photog) for our week #5 "workout with someone" challenge- We lifted upper body as a PUSH/PULL workout. She may join my gym :) That would be fun!!!

Time to go shower, clean and get ready for the kids to be home~

Have a great FRIDAY!!