Saturday, April 16, 2011

No Day Off Here - LEGS!

I toyed with the idea of taking today off....but decided to get in a leg workout instead so that I could feel free to lift upper body with my friend Denise and go for a run tomorrow . Last night was football practice and I was on a ton of allergy meds to just get through it. I feel a little "hung over" from them today, lol!! I'm feeling a bit better today, so hopefully the worst of spring allergies is behind me! My ankle is continually getting better- I'd say it's now at 85% healthy.

My weight is down to 128 which is a nice plus- I feel like a lean mean buffing machine!!

warm up-

6 mins rbike

between sets- hip rotatations, balance on on foot side leg lifts, bulgarians

Dead lifts
45x10 warm up

between sets
seated calf raises various foot position
70#x15 reps x3 sets

Leg press
calf raises between 10 reps x3 sets

Hack squat

Smith lunges paired with butt squats
50x10lunges+ 10 butt squats
70x10lunges+ 10 butt squats

lower back extensions 20 reps
full extension abs 10 reps

Earlier today I got the SSS entries off to the judges, so we'll know by early next week who won!! I am so excited by the results- you all did an amazing job!!

The rest of my day is going to be spent organizing some paperwork for the hubby and hanging with the kiddo's.

Have a great day!!