Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Whoa! It's my HORMONES!

Whoah!! I missed a few days of blogging...I know exactly what's going on with me there "IT's my HORMONES!"

Thurs- turned out to be a non- lifting day for me- I did ride the bike for 20 mins with some arm and abs moved thrown in as extras
Friday- I hit a recent low reading on the scale 123.6 YAY! Lift Chest/Tri/ABS- highlight: I did higher rep bench- the first 2 sets were 95#x20reps
Saturday- short run outside 15 mins of HOTT intervals, Lift legs at the gym with Travis- highlight: I did 2 sets of 10 @155 and 1 set of 6 @175#...a good weight for me when I'm under 125#'s
Sun- cycle day 23-BLOATED! tennis in the hot windy weather- 1 hour- highlight: I hit several good winner shots

Monday- weight back down, still feeling fat but scale says= 124.4? I need a new battery, so not sure if I trust this?? workout plan a wimpy shoulder babying, back, shoulders, biceps lifting workout and run intervals outside
Tues- Chest/tri's/ Abs and intervals on bike/stair mill or elliptical

My shoulder/neck have been bothering me since playing football. I think I may have strained my rotator cuff with some of my "hitting" so I have a really limited my desire to lift upper body. The only reason I've been lifting upper body at all is due to being a good lifting partner for my hubby

Anyhow...He's doing a GREAT job getting ready for the beach It looks as though we are now going to go to Cancun for about a week and stay at the JW Marriott. All we have to pay for is meals/entertainment and 2-3 nights as we have airline and rewards points for all the rest!!

Okay, I've got 1 more item on my to do list for the day (excluding my errands and workout ) so I'd better get to it!!

Love ya's!!