Saturday, August 13, 2011

5 Days!!!

5 days left until I am in CANCUN!!! I am so excited to get away from it all and just chill!

It's a busy, busy time for me!! I honestly don't think it's possible for me to get any busier. I have a running to do list that is growing faster than I can whittle it down. I must remember to BREATHE and drink my water--left typing just now to chug a BIG 32oz. glass--One reason why I am more busy than my usual CHAOTIC state is that I am trying to "PRE-DO" all my work, etc...this week in prep for my vacation next week. Another reason why I feel so swamped is my 3 girls are actually off school today.

Here's a list of some items I have been able to complete the past couple days:

Walmart trip- Major grociereis and school supplies for Gunner
Football Practice for Gunner
Got a plumber to fix my bathroom part of the way...the remainder needs to be completed AFTER the parts I ordered come in
Had a productive business meeting with a rep
Had some awesome coaching phone calls with Viki,Sherry and Kathy!!
Got in a great back workout with the hubby

Today has been a good day and the plan is to hit the gym now for a tan and a killer run!! I can't believe it's already day 12 of our "Thin in 30" contest~ It's gone by SO fast!!! whoohoo!!!

Alrighty, Hope you have a Steallar Friday night!!
See ya tomorrow~