Monday, January 02, 2012


This year I have 3 resolutions:
1- to KISS MORE!!
2- to take more PHOTOS!
  1. Kissing more sounds simple, yet when you have 5 loved ones in your family (+ a puppy) who all need KISSES, it can be a bit demanding. I am up for the challenge~ it may get sloppy & personal but I am armed with my puckered lips ready to rock my kisser in 2012!!
  2. More photos is a kids are beautiful and I barely took any good photos of them the past couple years! It's a shame, but no more-- I am going to snap away. I also have beautiful landscapes, animal and plant life all around~ no better way to capture it than with a click of the camera!
  3. Blogging daily is something I've slacked at the year....I love blogging-- not just using it as a journal, but using it as a place to explore my deep inner thoughts, ideas, strategies, etc...the more I blog the better I feel about everything. I don't expect EVERY DAY that my blog will rock, but I do expect inspiration and creativity to flow from time to time!
Don't be surprised if in 2012 share photos of me kissing others in my blog!!