Thursday, January 05, 2012

"Mom can we workout together?" YES!!

My son is 12 and in the throws puberty. He's just started to get that young man surge of hormones and a strong desire to be stronger!! We now go to a gym where we can workout together (previously the youngest age allowed was 14).
The plan is for him and I to get the workout done directly after school so the "EXCUSES" of dinner, homework, exhaustion, housework, etc...don't get in our way! It'll be a big comittment on my part and his~ BUT, It'll be so worth it!
I am very confident that by summer with consistent effort he will be bigger and stronger than me! FUN!!
Today, I've been trying to catch up a bit on the work front...It's crazy how FITNESS Season hits hard after the holidays!! I love it! I spent the morning answering emails and catching up on facebook.
Then I hit the gym for a quick yet effective 10 min run and 20 min back, shoulder, biceps and ab workout-- GOOD STUFF.
Now it's time to get outside!! It's 55+ here and a GORGEOUS afternoon for another fire!!
Love ya's,