Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Actually REALLY trying...

I am actually REALLY trying to eat better again for the first time since Thanksgiving~ the holidays are Wacky!! The good news is that I did keep my workouts and food intake in check enough over that time to maintain my weight right at the 129'ish mark cheerleaders I am not unhappy with that weight, but I am much more content at a 5 pound lighter weight.
Which leads me to my goal....
My goal is to weigh 125 by March 1st.
Actions needed to obtain:
  • keep workouts consistent 5+ per week
  • keep focused in increasing my cardiovascular fitness lever with more running/cardio
  • keep counting my portions- key elements are to INCREASE my protein and green intake and DECREASE my carb intake!
Losing weight is difficult for me (probably because I don't "have to" lose it)...that's why I typically need another goal to focus on instead of just dieting. I was hoping to go on a trip to the beach with my hubby this winter, but the timing doesn't look good for that. Instead I MUST get a photoshoot booked ASAP. I should actually do 2 or 3?? I need some new fun photos and doing more than 1 shoot helps me get in the "groove".
I have some other goals for the year, but they need a bit more time to "hash out"...I'll spare you the ramblings!
Let's attack our goals!! It's go time!!